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Mr. Kong Tong Hong

Mr Kong Tong Hong (江東航) is a renowned finger painter in Singapore and is also a well known Singapore Artist in the international art circle. He learnt the art of painting from the late finger painting master, Mr Wu Tsai Yen, and Chinese painting under the late Dr Chen Wen Hsi.

Mr Kong’s paintings are very much sought after by collectors for its originality and deep-rooted traditional style. This is something that is rare to find in the modern contemporary Chinese art scene. His works cover a wide range of traditional subjects ranging from detailed lifelike paintings of flowers and birds to large scale landscapes. Mr Kong is also skilled in drawing portraits and traditional calligraphy.

Mr Kong is a life time member of the Singapore Art Society and also a member of the San Yi Finger Painting Society. Besides contributing to the local art circle, Mr Kong has also been frequently invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to represent the nation in overseas art exhibition. This includes the 1992 World Expo in Seville, Spain and numerous other international art displays.

Awards Won

  • Conferred the 2004 Asia Art Award in South Korea
  • China “Xing An Bei”  Outstanding Award
Mr. Kong Tong Hong Asia Art Award